Hot Rolled Plate

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To achieve the significant reductions required when converting the cast steel slabs to coil and plate, the steel must be rolled while hot. The slabs are heated in a natural gas fired furnace before processing on the hot rolling mill.
The heated slabs are 210 mm thick when entering the mill, after hot rolling, the hot rolled steel is now between 2 and 15 mm thick. On cooling the steel coil can be sold as is or cut to length (plate) or further processed through the cold rolling mills.
We offer you , Hot Rolled Steel - Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled, Hot Rolled Pickled Dry Steel Plate verity grade and size Prime and Secondary

Assorted & Un assorted are available
Commercial Soft Quality

1.2-6.0mm 914-1750mm 1200-2700mm
1.2-6.0mm 914-1850mm 1500-3350mm
0.3-6.0mm 914-1250mm 1200-2500mm

Mix hot sheet / Plate are available
Available product size comes to negotiation

Origine : Japan , USA , Europe , Taiwan, Korea

Applications : Structural, Construction, Transport sector, Pressure vessels , Ship building . Tubes etc