Hot Rolled Steel in Coil

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To achieve the significant reductions required when converting the cast steel slabs to coil and plate, the steel must be rolled while hot. The slabs are heated in a natural gas fired furnace before processing on the hot rolling mill. 

Hot rolled steel is produced in a number of grades each designed to be used in a range applications, welded steel structural beams, storage tanks, flanges, welded pipe where strength is required.

USC offer verity grades of HRC with standardization Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) & American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) different specifications and dimensions  both prime and secondary.

Offer  Hot Rolled Carbon Steel - Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled, Hot Rolled Pickled Dry

Prime, Prime Over rolled & Secondary are available
Gauge Thickness from  1.2mm to 8.0mm
Hot Rolled Steel Coils widths up to 1800mm
Commercial Soft Quality
Origine :  Japan , USA , Europe ,  Taiwan,  Korea
Applications :  Construction, Transport sector, Pressure vessels , Ship building 
Available product size comes to negotiation